Church Staff

The staff consists of those who are serving the body as employees of the church. They fulfill many different roles from pastoral ministry to administrative, facilities and custodial support. Because the staff works in full-time and part-time capacities, any one of them can be reached at the church office during normal business hours:
Monday - Thursday, 8:30am to 4:30pm and Friday, 8:30am to noon. 

Our staff welcome the opportunity to minister to you and/or your family. If you have any questions or have a need that we might be able to meet, please do not hesitate to contact our church office at (912) 236-1511 or at any of the email addresses below. Please note that our pastors are available and can be reached at any time in the case of an emergency.

  • Calvin Fowler

    Senior Pastor 

    Preaching, Vision, Missions

  • Andrew Lucius

    Associate Pastor

    Music and worship

  • Tim kurtz

    Assistant Pastor

  • Kendall Cleveland

    Assistant Pastor

  • Harold "Zion" Edwards


    the hope initiative

  • Faith Sherrod

    Nursery and Children

  • Kelsie Williams


    College Women's Discipleship

  • Megan CLARK

    COLLEGE intern

  • Elizabeth Fryman

    Office Administrator & Director of Communications

  • Bert Jolley