Our Mission and Vision


Equipping people to know Christ and to tell of his amazing grace!

We want to become a community of faith where Christ is preeminent, His Word is authoritative, and His Gospel is powerfully proclaimed, not only in word, but also in deed; a community passionate about magnifying Christ in Savannah and among the nations, committed to regularly sending out short-term and long-term missionaries and planting new churches at home and abroad;

a multi-generational, multi-ethnic community of faith, centered around the person of Jesus, where everyone—young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated—is growing together in the grace and knowledge of God through passionate, Christ-centered worship, through sharing life and caring for one another in small groups, and through serving one another and our city with our God-given gifts and resources; 

a community that reflects the diversity of our city, even as we grow in reflecting the diversity of heaven; a community that values God’s creativity and seeks to cultivate His beauty in all things; a community of faith where everyone is equipped, empowered, and engaged in ministry, where everyone plays a part in the mission and everyone’s part is valued; 

a community where authenticity, accountability, forgiveness and love are cultivated and practiced; a community where no one is destitute because of gracious and generous sharing and no one is idle because of faithful shepherding and discipling; a community which cherishes life and stands for the marginalized, the oppressed, and the voiceless; a community used by God to impact the city and the world with the power of the Gospel.

vision to reality

Our vision statement is reflective of what our church could be and should be if we are faithful to Christ and His mission. In recent years we have seen the Lord radically change His people at Bull Street, by the power of His Spirit working through His Word. 

We have been faithfully laboring in our neighborhood, and our church is growing in ethnic diversity. But we want to grow more! We have been reaching out to college students and young adults and families and we are growing generationally. But we want to grow more! We have definitely not arrived, nor will we until the coming of the Lord. However, we have seen this vision become more and more of a reality. 

Come along with us and help us become the kind of church that proclaims the Gospel in Word and deed to city of Savannah and the nations of the world.