Adult Ministries

Peer-to-peer or multi-generational, groups for men or women, for all ages exist to further the mission of the church, to equip people to know Christ and to tell of his amazing grace.


“Christians know what Jesus Christ has done—but who is he?”
This past Fall, the men of Bull Street Baptist met together in small group settings to explore the character of Jesus Christ by reading Dane Ortlund’s book, Gentle and Lowly

New ministry opportunities coming soon!


The Women’s Ministry of Bull Street Baptist Church exists to further the mission of the church. We encourage older women to be examples and teachers to the younger women and seek to equip women of all ages through: study and application of the Bible, prayer, caring for one another, fellowship, mission education and serving our city and global community. 

Women’s Summer Bible Study

Join the women of Bull Street as they study together for three Thursday evenings this summer: July 14, 21, and 28. 


Becca Lucius